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The Shree Umiya Dham Nashville TN is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shree Umiya Mataji, the patron goddess of the Patidar community.

The temple was established in 2016 by the Nashville TN Patidar Samaj, a community organization serving the Patidar community in Nashville TN and the surrounding areas with the aim of promoting the cultural, Care, Comunity, social, and spiritual values of the Patidar community.

The temple complex includes a main temple consisting of 5,000 sq ft and a 15,000 sq ft community hall, dining hall and future place for a library, and a youth center.
The temple hosts regular religious ceremonies and festivals, including Navratri, Diwali, and Holi, as well as cultural and educational programs.

The Umiya Dham is considered to be one of the largest and most important among the Hindu temples in the United States, attracting thousands of devotees and visitors every year. The Umiya Dham temple consists of a beautiful architecture, intricate carvings and sculptures, and serene surroundings.

In addition to its religious and cultural activities, the Umiya Dham Temple also engages in various charitable and social initiatives, including providing assistance to the needy and organizing blood donation camps, health fairs, and other community events.

The Umiya Dham Nashville is known for its beautiful architecture, intricate carvings and sculptures in the temple and serene surroundings.
It is a popular destination for the local Patidar community and other Hindu devotees in the area.

When everyone got together and the concept of building a mandir arose

2016 January

We took the Shree Umiya Mataji Jyoti Rath everywhere

2017 May

We purchased land to build a temple


The bhoomi pujan ceremony was performed

2018 June

Construction Commenced

2021 March

The bhoomi pujan ceremony was performed

2018 June

Temple Ingurgitation Ceremony

2024 May

    Umiyadham Facilities

    Shree Umiya Dham Nashville TN. However, it is common for Hindu temples to have a kitchen that serves vegetarian food to visitors and devotees as a form of prasad, or blessed food. The kitchen is usually run by volunteers and staff members who are trained in cooking and food safety practices. The kitchen at Shree Umiya Dham Nashville TN is likely to follow similar practices, providing visitors and devotees with the opportunity to partake in blessed food and experience the temple’s hospitality.

    The community hall at Shree Umiya Dham Nashville TN is a multipurpose space used for educational, social, and cultural events. It is located within the temple complex and can accommodate up to 500 people.
    The hall is equipped with audio and visual systems, a stage, and a kitchen for catering services. It is used for language classes, music lessons, yoga sessions, and other educational activities. The hall is also used for social events like weddings, receptions, and birthday parties. During cultural and religious festivals, the hall is decorated and used for cultural programs, dance performances, and religious ceremonies. The community hall at Shree Umiya Dham Nashville TN serves as a space for community members to come together, celebrate, and learn about their culture and heritage.

    Situated in the Himalayan range of Garhwal area (Uttarakhand), Kedarnath temple is one of the most sacred Shiva temples in the world. This holy abode of Shiva is said to be built by the Pandavas to atone for their sins.

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