Dev Diwali Garba - Umiyadham

Dev Diwali, also known as “Diwali of the Gods,” is a grand celebration observed in Varanasi, India. It falls on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Kartika, and it’s believed that on this auspicious day, the gods come down to Earth to bathe in the holy Ganges River. Devotees light lamps and offer prayers along the riverbanks, creating a breathtaking sight.

The Spirit of Dev Diwali Garba: In the spirit of this divine festival, we’re bringing the joy of Garba – a traditional Gujarati dance form – to create a memorable fusion of devotion and dance. Garba is a rhythmic and lively dance performed in circles, symbolizing the cycle of life and the continuous cycle of creation. As we dance, we’ll also celebrate the victory of light over darkness and the unity of our community.

Highlights of the Evening:

Garba Dance Extravaganza: Join us in dancing to the energetic beats of Garba music, led by talented performers who will guide us through the steps. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or new to Garba, the joy of dancing together knows no boundaries.

Lamp Lighting Ceremony: Experience the awe-inspiring sight of lamps lighting up the venue, echoing the tradition of Dev Diwali and symbolizing the inner light within us all.

Community Bonding: Dev Diwali Garba is not just a dance event; it’s an opportunity to come together as a community, celebrate our shared cultural heritage, and strengthen the bonds of friendship.

Traditional Attire: Embrace the festive spirit by dressing in traditional Garba attire. Women can wear vibrant chaniya cholis, and men can opt for dhotis or kurta-pajamas.

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