History of Patidar - Umiyadham

History of Kadva Patidar

The history of the Kadva Patidars (Kurmis, Kanabis) is the subject of a number of legends and speculations. The most plausible theory postulates that Kadva Patidars’ ancestors were the first Hindus, based on historical accounts and reliable data. The same idea states that Hindus arrived in India through the Pamir area on the Ayu River in central Asia (in Azerbaijan), travelling through Afghanistan and the Caucasus Mountains (see Figure 1). They were known as Aryans at the time (not Hindus) and worshipped the elements that maintain life, such as the sun, wind, fire, and rain. They regarded “BRAHAMAN” as their only god. Not Hindu Dharma, but Aryan Dharma, Sanatan Dharma, or Vedic Dharma were the names given to their faith.

Facts About Patidar

  • The most popular last name in Gujarat, India, the US, and the UK is Patel.
  • In the UK alone, there are more than 1.5 lakh Patels.
  • It appears that Patel makes up almost one in 10 Americans of Indian descent.
  • Patels make up 15% of the business families in India and 70% of the business families in Gujarat.
  • A Patel is the sixth wealthiest person in the world!

Patidars are the Descendents of Luv-Kus

Sitaji used to offer Maa Umiya-Gauri prayers. With Maa’s blessing, her wish to wed Ramchandraji, whom she had first met at Janak Udhyan, came true. She had left love and kush in Maa Uma’s care when she sought refuge in the bosom of mother earth. They have been worshipping maa Umiya ever since. Additionally, their offspring prayed to Maa Umiya. Janakvidehi, who is shown as the first farmer, also encountered Maa Sita while caring to the farms. The farming industry is closely connected to patidars. The bull Maa Umiya rides is regarded as the cornerstone of farming. This illustrates the connections between Patidars and Luv, Kush, and Ramchandra-Sitaji. Patidars were members of the warrior class known as Kshatriyas.

Evaluation of Patidars-the Historical Context

Aryans make up Patidars. They travelled via middle Asia to get to Punjab. Then they dispersed to other locations and areas in quest of fertile land and freshwater. They moved to Gujarat via Rajasthan because they were sick of the fighting and hardships in Punjab. On the opposite side, they travelled down the Ganges and Jamuna plains to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Nepal. Many people made their way from Madhya Pradesh via Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Due to their land ownership in Gujarat, they became known as Patidars. They thereafter adopted the name Patels. They all descended from kurmikshatriyas, and in U.P. they changed from kunbi-kulmi to kanbi. From being a community of warriors to landowners to patels, this community has developed. However, they prayed to Maa wherever they went.

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